Our foundation was established in 1999 by the director of the Teacher Training Institute of the University of Agricultural Sciences of Gödöllő (currently Szent István University) with the intention of providing students with the opportunity to expand their practical knowledge. The Court of Registry declared the Contact Foundation as a body of national competence and at the same time as a public benefit organization.

As a nationally competent organization, we operate in several locations in the country beside our headquarters in Budapest, in all cases adapting to the site of our active project. We are currently working with 28 employees, all of whom have a higher education degree: job advisors, human resources consultants, economists, social workers, social pedagogues, psychologists and communication specialists.
Our main goal is to provide the Foundation – as a public benefit organization – jobseekers with skills and expertise to employers, to improve the employment situation at municipal, corporate and national levels. Our main activities include promoting the training and employment of disadvantaged groups and social strata and improving their quality of life; promoting equal opportunities, assisting socialization processes through education and training, developing skills and disseminating knowledge. As employment consultants, we wish to be the best in our field in Hungary. We will do our best to help our partners and customers, whether they are individuals or organizations, to improve their employment potentials.

The Foundation’s core values have been proven to last for over 18 years, and they remained unchanged. This is certified by the fact that since its establishment the Contact Foundation has won nearly 100 major applications whose total value exceeded 1.2 billion HUF. Based on this sense we continue to work hard to achieve our goals in different locations and projects:
We support the development of a new quality of life which is associated with economic development. We provide human services supporting the organization and function of communities. (Typically job-career counseling, competency development and motivational group sessions, mentoring), and specialists (advisers, organizers), for the elected officials to create professional forums (trainings and conferences.).

We develop tools and methods that improve the competitiveness of the labor market (eg. psychological and employment counseling, debt management, development of key skills, etc.) in line with the needs of the target group.

We also develop and apply research and methodologies that support work and career counseling in order to identify the individual’s interests, skills, values and working methods for the most appropriate profession or work.

Our aims are to develop the relationship and functioning of human sciences and modern communication tools.

Development and distribution of teaching materials, manuals also belong to the Foundation’s objectives.
Trainings (competency development, close up, professional), coordination of the needs of the labor market in accordance with the requirements of the European Union and Hungary are parts of our program as well. (Number of Adult Training Licenses: E-000413/2014)

We have implemented these goals, among others, in our GINOP, VEKOP and TÁMOP projects. We have undertaken our tasks based on our own resources or in community form. Among our partner organizations, national, regional and local foundations can be found as well as state, government and local government bodies (educational and educational institutions, Family and Child Welfare Services, local churches, etc.). One concrete example of our successful community work is the Toldi House (www.toldihaz.hu), which was opened in Alsótold in 2014. This is maintained by the Foundation, with the cooperation of several local governments, where we operate the facility with the participation of job-seekers in the framework of our TÁMOP 1.4.3 project. We created a 24-person guesthouse with services for special needs.
In addition to their project tasks, colleagues who carry out professional activities offer work and career counseling to individual applicants seeking advice from the foundation. For more than a decade, our foundation has also engaged in adult education. Its 15 accredited training programs include communication development, conflict management, job search techniques, motivational interview techniques, and close up training.

For years we have worked closely with the Department of Humanities, Career Services and Human Resource Department at the University of Szeged. They have been working with their university experiences and current research results to support the professional development and work of the Foundation’s staff.

The Contact Foundation can look back on nearly two decades of success in the area of professional development with many worthy European Union projects. The activities listed above are only some examples of our diverse functions which underline our significant and relevant experience in our international field of expertise.

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